CoverGirl Gets Inspired by The Hunger Games for “Capitol Beauty” Collection


District 1 – Luxury

The Hunger Games for CoverGirl – Inspired by the popular young adult science fiction series, “The Hunger Games”, CoverGirl has created a special line of makeup evoking the districts of the world. The line includes twelve unique beauty looks ranging from themes like Power and Fishing. The cosmetics collection for each look features products for the nails, lips, eyes and face. The CoverGirl Capitol beauty collection is in stores now.

District 2 – Masonry

District 3 – Technology

District 4 – Fishing

District 5 – Power

District 6 – Transportation

District 7 – Lumber

District 8 – Textiles

District 9 – Grain

District 10 – Livestock

District 11 – Agriculture

District 12 – Mining


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