Three Eye Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes


If you have sensitive eyes, then you may love the look of eye makeup but avoid wearing it, because it makes your eyes itch, water or burn. You may have a genetic predisposition that causes this sensitivity or allergies, or frequent contact lens wear may cause it. No matter what causes your eye sensitivity, here are three tips to applying great-looking eye makeup that feels comfortable instead of itchy and irritating.

Opt for Cream Shadows Instead of Powders

Powder eyeshadows often produce what is called “fall-out” when you apply them. The fall-out is the shadow that doesn’t stick to your eyelids and instead falls off of them onto your face, and often, into your eyes. The worst thing for someone with sensitive eyes is to get makeup in their eyes instead of on their eyelids where it belongs.

For this reason, it can be useful for people with sensitive eyes to wear cream shadows. Cream eyeshadows come in small pots and in convenient stick form that you can apply right to your lids. Look for cream shadows labeled “long-wear” or “waterproof” to make sure they stay where they are used.

Don’t Apply Eyeliner in Your Waterline

Lining your inner eye waterline is a trend, but you should never do this if you have sensitive eyes. Lining your waterline, which is the inner rim of your bottom eyelid, is a bad idea for everyone. It can irritate even healthy eyes, and eyeliner placed on the waterline can clog your tear ducts.

Keep liner to just under your bottom lashes and over your top lashes to avoid irritation and severe eye damage.

Choose False Lashes Instead of Mascara

Mascara can be one of the most irritating forms of eye makeup for people with eye sensitivity. It starts on your lashes, but as it dries and you go about your day, it can slide off the lashes and into your eyes.

Instead of wearing irritating mascara every day, you can wear a strip of false lashes that stays in place without flaking, smudging or general irritation. If you are sensitive to the glue that must be used to apply strips of false lashes, then eyelash extensions may be a better option.

Eyelash extensions must be applied by a professional, and they adhere one by one to your existing eyelashes with an eye-friendly adhesive. The great thing about them is that the eyelash adhesive does not touch your eye, but it instead only secures your natural eyelash to the extension. You then have a great set of long lashes that don’t fall off until your natural eyelashes do. If you think eyelash extensions might be for you, then contact a business like Bridal Hair Boutique.

If you have sensitive eyes, then don’t let that keep you from wearing eye makeup that you love to wear. Choose cream formulas for your shadows and replace mascara with false eyelash strips or eyelash extensions.

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